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We are a small group of professionals and collaborators based in Montreal, offering alternative building solutions to clients educated in current environmental issues and seeking a more holistic way of living. 





Our goal is to:


Create interior and exterior spaces that are simple, efficient, minimal, and natural


Reduce the environmental footprint of residential projects


Minimize the lifetime energy demand and operating costs of buildings

To do so, we work with our clients, the builders and the consultants to:


Create constructions that will easily be recyclable and/or compostable at the end of their lifecycle


Search for creative solutions to reduce the buildable area and therefore reduce the amount of building material required


Promote the use of natural materials and ecological building techniques


Maximise the use of local materials and ressources to reduce transport and appreciate surrounding communities





Our broad experience in residential buildings includes:


Holistic approach to project development and the involvement of diverse consultants


Refined integration to the site


Integrated conception of all elements required for higher quality construction 


Minimal design and a creative use of spaces


Alternative approaches and solutions including passivhaus, strawbale construction, timber frame, natural and ecological finishes 


Personalized workshops for groups wanting to build as a community 

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